Why I Write


I think the reason I write is to get better at solving problems. Research says that people who write well are excellent problem solvers. Journaling research in particular shows that writing can help the writer cope with trauma. My wife is an MFT and she often uses journal therapy for her patients. Why? Because it works, both in research and in the real world where she works with real people. As an educator, I teach my students how to take on writing prompts quite often all year long. I give them tricks and ways to organize their thoughts but ultimately, the highest grades go to the students who can process an abstract concept by making it concrete in writing.

As an avid blogger, I must admit I am always hoping for people to read my work. Sometimes it happens and others it doesn’t. I have to spend a large amount of time networking (shmoozing) as you see I am doing at the bottom of this post but without something to sell to people, I am just a diarist keeping his thoughts in a book under the bed.

You can’t just let them come to you in blogging, you have to become an expert marketer of your work to get readers, especially if you ever hope to make any money at it.

That leads me to my final thought: content. Am I here for myself or for others. I think I have to be honest and say myself. This makes networking and marketing very difficult. I think some bloggers have an evolved mindset that allows them to write their own way, solving their own issues and growing as bloggers while bringing readers to the theater, for lack of a better word.

Content on a blog can really never be 100% for others. If they come to you, you shouldn’t serve them. So what’s the solution? Don’t get caught up in misplaced focus. This is somewhere in the middle of writing for yourself and keeping a lighthouse, so to speak, for the value of other people. I could write more on this but I am afraid the simple cop-out of “both are true” answers the question: “Do I write for them or myself?” If we say 100% ourselves, we WILL see our follower count decline rapidly.

So, there’s my take on it. Why do you write? Please feel free to take part in the memes below.

I used the writing prompt from: Everyday Gyaan as part of #mondaymusings

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