The Discipline of Blogging and My Detour

I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been living. I’m still doing a lot of microblogging on Twitter and Facebook. It’s addictive but make no mistake it’s not the discipline of writing blog posts. I have a friend who is a disciplined writer and I envy him. I hope to get back into a discipline of blogging this weekend and into the next few weeks. I know for sure the Summer will be my return to blogging. I know this: without taking the time to live, I have nothing of value to blog about. In that way, I am being responsible. Thanks for being patient, watch this feed.

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Damien Riley

Since 2005, Damien Riley has self-published a daily column, podcast, and movie reviews on a Wordpress blog. He's married with 3 kids, he's a teacher, & he enjoys playing guitar.

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