The Jump

The fear of the jump is fear. The result when you finally do it is? I’ll let you know in a bit.

I like the character Tigger. He’s always jumping. Jumping has always been good for me. Trampolines, pogo sticks, diving boards, beds. How can jumping ever be bad? I think it’s a good metaphor for life. Right now I need to go talk to my 18 year old son about some serious things and I don’t know how, so … I’m gonna jump.

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I remember when I was a kid, the diving board looked so big and scary to me. Getting up the nerve to walk out to the end was bad enough. Jumping off the end of the board was the ultimate scary hairy thing to do.

I remember seeing the black iron drain. It looked like a warhead or something. If I jumped would it swallow me up? Would my feet hit it? Even though it was 8-10 feet down, it seemed right below the surface.

There’s a time to be scared and a time to flat out go for it. I’m getting less scared about a lot of things as I grow older. This is probably because I’m starting to realize this life is so short. Do it now because now is time and time is life and life is all there is.

And if he doesn’t listen, at least I jumped and tried.

Holidays Header for My Blog

This is going to be the best Christmas ever! I’m happy to be able to share some of that with you good folks here on my blog.

Thanks to my wife I was able to put this together. Happy Holidays!
(Here’s the animated lights)

My Profile Pics from 2007 to Now

You know when you find an old yearbook? Finding my old profile pics was like that only totally different.

I was changing up a profile pic on Gravatar when I noticed all the many pics I have uploaded through the years.

Weekly Roundup at Riley on Film

Of the films I watched and reviewed last week, ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ was by far the most pleasant surprise.

snowden-movie-posterThese are the films I reviewed last week on my movie blog: Riley on Film

American Crime
The Exploding Girl
The Edge of Seventeen

we all invent ourselves and you know me

From words of Michael Stipe to one blogger’s expression. Self-invention is a real thing and it’s beautiful.

Hello fellow life traveler! Can you relate like I can with the words in the image below? Like a captchya, I think they identify humanity.

The way I reinvent myself is usually from a visual stimulus. I’ll see something on vacation: a view, a work of art, I’ll meet a new person and I want to reflect that in my life. Sometimes ordinary settings cause me to be enlightened like the school where I teach or at home. Sometimes looking at my flickr or tumblr accounts will inspire a reinvention of sorts. I’m a very visually driven person.

There have been repeated times in my life where I was driven to construct a new me or a part of me. The most recent started with wearing my fedora hat. Before that, several years ago I decided I wanted to be a blog film critic and I started a movie blog apart from this one. I was very committed at first but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I dedicated myself to becoming something as a critic.

I hope I am always reiventing myself, even if the changes aren’t always permanent. An ideal life to me would be one that ended with the remnants of all the “reinventions” that lasted. I think the best end of a life should be determined so one can order the steps and decisions of the present life. After all, there really are no time constraints on us. Think about what Spider Robinson the eminent sci-fi writer said, “We are all time travelers moving at the speed of exactly 60 minutes per hour.” True huh?

If you consider yourself an artist, self-invention is fun. I love the REM lyric in Crush With Eyeliner. Michael Stipe sings: “We all invent ourselves and … you know me.” The allusion is, do we really know anyone? There is a lot of self invention going on. I know I am heavy into it myself. It’s like an art project for me but for others, they may not enjoy art. Guess what though? We are all inventing ourselves anyway whether we pay attention to it or not.

Another big example of recreation is in clothing styles. A few years back I decided I wanted to wear more v-neck sweaters in the Winter with white t-shirts underneath. That was a very wise one as it kept me warm and stylish. One way for me to see the many choices I’ve made about style is to go back through my flickr photos. You’ll see quite a few looks there. Do you have a flickr? If not, I highly suggest it for a lifelong app. Are there people who never alter their clothing style? Probably. I try to mix mine up once in a while.

I can’t close up this post without recommending tumblr to you. The images there give you plenty to think over. The best part about it is that you build the feed you read. There is no standard view. I’ve put together images and quotes from other tumblrs that I know have inspired me in the past. tumblr is fertile with inspiration for me. In your journey through time, I hope you find places you derive inspiration to reinvent yourself from.

Recycling Twister of Human Events

I heard a scientist on a tv show say the rain we have now may be the same water molecules that rained down on the dinosaurs. Water is neither being created nor destroyed, just changed in its form. I’ve also heard it said that all matter is in that same state of flux, never being created or destroyed.

I heard a scientist on a tv show say the rain we have now may be the same water molecules that rained down on the dinosaurs. Water is neither being created nor destroyed, just changed in its form. I’ve also heard it said that all matter is in that same state of flux, never being created or destroyed.

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Can you imagine your smartphone as once being rocks or plant food for a prehistoric creature. When you think of that, it’s like we are all cosmic play-doh figures. Remember Gumby and Pokey? We’re all like a bunch of Gumby and Pokies.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I think of the buildings in major cities. What about the scary tall ones like the Empire State building in New York. Will it fall one day? It seems inevitable. Nothing that tall, that precariously historical can make it more than a couple of centuries. Can it? Think of the Twin Towers mess that was created in that tragedy. Is it all cleaned up now? Where are the remnants? In the ocean with the garbage?

What is today and what will be tomorrow are two vastly different things. Think about the internet. It’s a vast connection of servers. As those computers lose power, break, or get taken down, the internet loses volumes. Future civilizations won’t be able to detect the internet. They’ll just find a bunch of tech waste and think we were primitive I think. I wonder if any media will exist to tell them who we are.

Have you noticed how many remakes there are in movies? Maybe it’s because I have a movie reviewing blog that I notice. There are a lot. More recycling. All this birth and recycling kind of makes reincarnation sound logical.

Moment of Clarity

I’ve been at an AVID training the last 2 days. In that time I’ve had a few moments of clarity where I felt like we can do amazing things for students.

I just saw a guy walk by me here at the hotel, he hesitated and then resolutely went back. He appeared to have a moment of clarity.

I forget when it was then I had a moment of clarity.

I dreamed that everything had a beautiful reason.

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