I got a kick out of this one.

When the Movie Has Ended

Movie at Dusk

We had just gotten out of the Peanuts Movie. I turned back from our car and saw these lovely colors.

Thanksgiving Eve

I love the sounds of being with my kids. My daughters are 8 and 10 but they almost have a twin secret language. I took them to a buffet tonight. I love being around family. Tomorrow we’ll be at my in laws all day. They always put on a huge spread. Looking forward to that. Being with my amazing son, wife, and daughters is worth a billion bucks to me.

Planning for Monday already with my class. I will write up lesson plans this weekend most likely. Focus is the key. This time of the year is the fat part of the bat.

I got 3/4 of my blog posts done today and read more of my book. I wore this diary entry at the buffet so there’s still time to get into my book. I made reading a priority because I ought to be doing it more. I do love it as well but sometimes it’s hard to STOP and just read. Here’s to more of that.

Got wood stacked for fires all night and we are heading out the door to Wood Grill for dinner. Nice!

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ROW80 Check in Wed 11-25-2015

My #ROW80 Goals

  1. #postaday A Daily Post or #NaBloPoMo writing prompt daily.
  2. #Journal tumblr paper & pen journal prompt daily.
  3. #Diary daily #Blog entry.
  4. #ROW80 Checkins Wed and Sun
  5. #Blog Mama Kat’s Weekly writing prompt.
  6. #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.
  7. #PhotoBlog #MySundayPhoto challenge.
  8. #PhotoBlog The Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge.

Everything’s been a go since my Sunday check in. The Daily Post appears to be having technical difficulties. I wonder why they have had so much trouble in the past year. Their pingback system is incredible for networking but it may be time to seek other daily prompts/challenges. Know of any good ones? The journaling is going great. I am pleased at how much neater my writing has become through doing that challenge. The diary at the end of every day is my bliss. I’ve always wanted my blog to be a diary format. Now, I am doing a regular, daily entry as a diary and I love it. This is my second #ROW80 check in since getting back into the challenge. I plan to keep the momentum.

Looking forward to doing Mama Kat’s Weekly writing challenge this week as well and Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The photo challenges are easy because all week long I am taking photos on my iphone. When one is due, I just pick my favorite and post it. Of course, I am on Thanksgiving break from teaching so once I’m back Monday, that will be the real challenge to keep these passions going. I think I can be successful. It’s a lot of fun and I always learn so much when doing these challenges.

Hobbies Feed Innovation

What if your hobby turned out to be your main income? That happens more often than not. That’s why I try to be a master at my job while keeping alive other hobbies I am truly passionate about. Hobbies keep your mind supple, creative, and innovative to accomplish challenges, including your primary job.

Do you think it’s better to be a recognized expert for one thing, or known to be really good at lots of things?

Source: NaBloPoMo November 2015 Prompts | BlogHer

I’m known at my work as the tech teach guy. I’m known by my students’ parents as the teacher guy. I’m known at home as dad and husband guy. I was once known in high school as being the guitar guy. Around these blogging parts, I am blog guy. So, as you can see, I wear many hats. Everything I do, I must do well. After all, it is my name at stake. On the other hand, when you’re talking about your greatest passion, you should recognize that will have the greatest influence and nurture it. Remember Wrigley the famous gum maker actually started out making soap with his father, not gum. His passion however was making gum in his room and his father started putting a free pack on every box of soap. Well, you know the rest right?Have you ever heard of Wrigley soap? Keep all your passions alive, not just the one that pays you the most.

Obviously I recognize, in that case, teaching is my “Master Trade.” I have the opportunity to impact 28 kids every day and that influence echoes out through their lifetimes. It is also my main source of income which is important to consider. In fact, most my time is spent in the classroom so that’s probably what I’ll be remembered for. This is true even though blogging, reviewing movies, and making fires in my fireplace are my #1 passions currently. I have to keep them all alive, because I love doing them. Teaching kids the three R’s is crucial but if they can get a zest for things in life through my example, even better.

The Golden Rule, Easier Said Than Done

I believe in forgive and forget but sometimes, for me, it’s easier said than done. I try to be real with myself while forgiving as completely as possible.

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Source: I Can’t Stay Mad at You | The Daily Post

I need to forgive and forget more. Sometimes I get tempted to bring up past wrongs. In fact, it becomes a part of my sense of humor which I know is not right. I’d like to be the kid of person that just lets go of things when they are over. I’m getting there. There is a lot of wisdom in the golden rule. You should treat others the way you would want to be treated. That’s a good slogan to remember every morning.

It takes inner strength to forgive. If you keep bringing up the offense years later, you really haven’t forgiven. There is an insecure pleasure in joking about when others hurt you. I would recommend trying not to do that. Believe me, I am talking from personal experience here that I am not proud of. Hopefully in time I can be the forgiving person I aim to be. I’ll be honest there are some things it seems I still can’t let go but I know that does me no good hanging on. Staying mad at someone isn’t healthy, especially when they have apologized and moved on. After all, I hope people will forgive me when I mess up right? I want to live, as much as humanly possible, by the golden rule.

Free Writing Journal Entry

Blogger Read by a Few Handfuls

I love the new Peanuts movie. I took my daughters and we really enjoyed it. I guess I identify with Charlie Brown. He gets frustrated but hangs in there. I love my son for going down to the community college today. He took matriculation tests to see where he stands next fall to start college. For a 17 year old still in high school, this is a hugely advanced skill. I’m impressed.

I’ve been thinking about what’s advanced for me as a teacher. At this time of year and with my group, I need to be all about tracking data and that hopefully upward. I must admit, with common core I am still not 100% sure what I will use to do this but I will get there. I’m picturing a 3 ring binder with running records based on standard itemized assessments.

My Joe Hill book is getting crazy. Christmasland is going to hold some horrific stuff ahead. One thing I don’t like is that it jumps around. One chapter the brat is a kid then another she’s older. It gets confusing but I’m game for the challenge. The nook my wife bought me is a delight to read on. Makes it easier.

Blogging life is at an all time high. I enjoy writing a daily challenge, doing a pen and ink journal on tumblr, and keeping this diary current. The test will be down the road when life starts getting stressful as it tends to do. For now, I feel like a famous blogger, read by a few handfuls :) Thank you who is reading this.