Column: ‘Blogging from Nowhere Land’

If you find a sleepy nowhere land to live in and it’s fairly close to everywhere, you should buy a house there. Nowhere Land is highly under-rated. Not everyone can live where it’s happening. Heck, nowadays with the internet, everything is happening everywhere, nowhere men and women are harder to find.

cropped-profile_2015_hawaiiluau_300px.jpgDamien Riley is a blogger and podcaster who writes a column at once a week. He has an MA in English from California State University, Fullerton, he married a princess (now his queen) and together they have 3 children.

Living nowhere has its advantages. I live in a town called Victorville and it’s conveniently seated 2 hours South of Las Vegas and about one hour from Los Angeles. The only thing to do here is going to movies and go out to eat. We have the basic corporate chains: Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Chili’s, and Red Robin. These are great places to eat, I’m not knocking them. Living in the high desert dusty sands of Victorville can have its advantages though.When you want to go to see a film, Cinemark holds the monopoly up here. Tomorrow I’m going to see a novelty showing of the original Planet of the Apes, which will be insanely fun. Still, we don’t get indie films up here and the theaters cycle in the trendy blockbuster stuff week in and week out. This is fun, as long as I can get someone to go with me. My wife used to be gung-ho for any film I wanted … Read the rest

Movie Review: ‘Crawl or Die’ – Horror in the Pipeline with a Girl

Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thriller never looked so good in a film. It’s been called “The Most Claustrophobic Film.” I would agree with that. For horror fans, those scares are met by the incredible performance of Nicole Alonso. The Director Oklahoma Ward has created a film that sends fear down your spine and makes it impossible to turn away. Several elements work well to make this a perfect indie horror film.


Crawl or Die (2014)

Nicole Alonso, Torey Byrne, Tommy Ball

Directed by

Oklahoma Ward

Written by

Oklahoma Ward

Other Info

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
1hr 30min

5 Stars5 / 5
Just like rock and roll bands try to play what rocks, so horror directors try to know what scares. As long as I can remember people have said claustrophobia is one of the most universal fears. People don’t like being in an enclosed space. Crawl or Die plays on that fear and believe me, it scares!

Furthermore, the fear of unknown creatures is another fear of many and Director Oklahoma Ward weaves a really scary creature into his film. These scary aspects combined with the extreme physicality of Nicole Alonso as “Tank” make Crawl or Die a horror, sci-fi, thrill ride of a film.

A high level security force is chosen to transport the “package,” the last woman on earth that can become pregnant. The earth as we know it is gone and the continuance of humankind rests in the safe passage of this woman.

While transferring this package, the team has to find its way … Read the rest

#WeeklyRoundup – See What I Wrote on my #Blog Last Week – ‘Published Goals’

They’re thinking, “Is he almost done on that laptop thingie?”

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I think the most productive thing I did for my blogging this week was to publish goals. I have about 3 online presences that I have to maintain and if you manage more tha one, you know it can be both rewarding and also very tedious. This new list of goals and tasks I developed is proving very helpful.


Tweet/like/retweet stuff.
Read/engage w other peoples’ blogs.
Weekly Schedule:

Mon: publish a column. Tag to #MondayBlogs link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day. Add: #MondayMusings tag and addto – Everyday Gyaan
Tue: Publish Online Diary post, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
Wed: #WordlessWednesday, link to “The Daily Post”’s weekly photo challenge.
Thu: Write a Movie Review. Tag as #MovieReview @ select director, actors: twitter & do Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
Fri: Publish Online Diary post, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
Sat: do Linda Hill’s SoCS, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
Sun: Write a Movie Review. Tag as #MovieReview @ select director, actors: twitter.
Source Damien at the Speed of Life WP

I wrote a few blog posts not related to movie reviews and then managed to see some ilms and write four movie reviews as well. Blogging for me is easier when I a. have goals and b. … Read the rest

Quick Film Review: ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ – Don’t Blink on This Ride


Starring: Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Directed By: Justin Lin

Studio: Paramount Pictures

MPAA Rating

4 Stars4 / 5
I saw Star Trek: Beyond last night on its second night after release. When I see Star Trek films, I usually miss some secret winks because I am not much of a “Trekkie” and therefore don’t know the labyrinth of secret passageways that many others I meet new. In fact, my wife, who is not a film critic, explains a lot to me when we go to see these films. Last night had a few parts I couldn’t figure out but I’ll avoid those.

Instead, I’ll tell you that Captain Kirk is put in a position to save the galaxy (common theme). The adventurous quest to do that is a rip-roaring ride! Directed by Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious), the spaceships are now the race cars. There is a lot of action in this film but I must disagree with some other critics who are saying it’s too fast and furious. There are moments of suspense as well and moments where the viewers is ban rest, stop, and get cerebral..

The visuals are stunning. Because this is a quick review intended to have “no spoilers,” I won’t describe them to you. I will say that in 1977 when Harrison Ford, Alec Guinness, and Mark Hamill saw the death star for the first time, it had a … Read the rest

Writer’s Workshop: What Sparks Creativity?


1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sparks

I’m usually pretty quick to come up with creative ideas for blogging and writing. But once in a while, the gears are stuck on frozen. In those cases it helps to finds some inspiration. I went through my flickr collection and found several image examples of the sparks that inspire my own creativity. See you’ve tried any of them.


Do a handwritten blog post and take a photo of it instead of typewritten.


Take my kids to the park.


Go to a concert. Last year I saw Foreigner, Willie Nelson, and David Gilmour.


Go to a museum. This display is a powerful lesson found at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

I’m sure you’ve tried these. Keep looking for those things that spark creativity. Coffee can be a good one, forgot to mention that one!

Now it’s your turn!

Mama's Losin' It

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back to add your name to the link list below. Be sure to sign up with the actual post URL and not just your basic blog URL (click on the title of your post for that URL). For good comment karma try to comment on the three blogs above your name!!

The Prompts:

  1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sparks
  2. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen?
  3. Share something you learned in June.
  4. We just celebrated America’s Independence. List 8 things you appreciate
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