Scarves are a modern fashion accessory and they were first designed during the early decades at the beginning of the twentieth century. The long flowing lengths of silk had been made fashionable by dancers like Isadora Duncan. Fast forward to the recent decades, and the scarf has been made into a sleek and elongated fashion sense that both men and women can wear. As seen in several fashion illustrations by cashmere scarf, the scarf can serve as a sensual wrap and can also be used as a geometric design element.

Fashion designers in the fashion industry have come up with elegant ideas on how people can accessorise the scarf to their clothing as a way of staying updated with the latest fashion. In this article, we take an in-depth look at scarves as an accessory.

When to wear a scarf

Contrary to what most people may think, you can wear a scarf all year round in any weather. It would be best if you had a scarf made of the right fabric and have the right style to wear it. For instance, fabric scarfs are perfect for the winter season and insufferable during summer. Some people may prefer semi-synthetic scarf material like polyester or synthetic scarves. Keep in mind that polyester is not friendly to the environment and it does not breathe.

For a long period, silk material has been known to have some of amazing properties and it is worth your time. Silk-made scarves have a great molecular structure and thus can be worn in any season.

As mentioned above, scarves are an accessory that you can wear all year round. However, they are more popular during winter and fall. You can also blend your scarves well with your spring and summer outfits. You can choose to go for bright summer clothing or lightweight materials when wearing your scarf for the spring season. It is worth noting that you can shed off your scarf during the day when it gets warm and they are great for the early morning chill.

The best time to wear a cosy and warm scarf is during the winter period. Besides it being fashionable, it also helps prevents snowflake flurries from getting into the neck of your jacket. Before wearing a scarf during the winter period, ensure it serves its purpose, and above all it keeps you warm. Keep in mind that your scarf will get wet due to the snow. Therefore, ensure that your scarf is made of the right material, which will dry fast. For instance, be sure to purchase scarves made of wool blend or cotton.

Scarves as travelling accessories

You can also wear a scarf best while traveling, provided it’s not too hot nor too cold. Scarves are great accessories as they can be worn while traveling in unpredicted weather. Consider buying scarves of neutral colours such as brown, gray, or black, which you can wear with any outfit. When it gets cold while you are traveling, you can wrap the scarf around your neck, or you can wrap it around your shoulders. In case it begins to rain, you can use it to cover your hair. Scarves have versatile uses and they come in handy when you are traveling.

Final thoughts

Scarves come in different designs, shapes, materials and sizes. There are also different ways of wearing scarves depending on the style and size. Thanks to the various styles of wearing scarves, it is now possible to wear a scarf in any style.

There are different styles and materials of scarves that blend with different occasions and seasons. All you have to do is play around with the fashion sense.